Learn to speak French

If you have professional contact with French-speaking colleagues you’ll find a little French can go a long way, even where English is the official language. With the guidance of our French courses you’ll keep up when conversations turn to French and get closer to the hearts of your colleagues.

Or you may be in discussions where French is the principal or only language and so need to be fully up to speed.

Our one-to-one French courses prepare you for all your points of contact — social, meetings, presentations, travel, telephone, conference calls and email. The nuts and bolts of French are put before you in a clear step-by-step way, with lots of lively activities and carefully tailored supports.

This training can be delivered as a regular programme, typically a once-weekly session at your office, while immersion training (blocks of days) is usually delivered off-site. Residential and distant courses are also available. French courses for groups can be delivered at the client’s premises. Contact us to discover how our French language-training can work for you

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French teacher Géraldine Pineau

My time at Lingua has enabled me to achieve my objectives for the acquisition of French language skills. It has also reawakened an interest in languages in general and I intend now to take this interest further. I very much hope to work with Lingua again in the future.

Martyn Harrow

Group Information Technology Manager, Unilever International

French worksheets

Here are samples of worksheets, for beginners and intermediate learners

French worksheets for beginners

These sample worksheets are for beginners to French (or people whose school days are long since forgotten!). The worksheets can be used alone, although complete beginners are advised to seek the guidance of a teacher.

French Worksheet for Beginners 1 image


Saying hello

French worksheet for beginners 2 image

Au revoir

Saying goodbye

French worksheets for beginners 3 image

Votre nom s’il vous plaît

Saying who you are

French worksheets for beginners 5 image

Beaucoup de choses

Starting on grammar

French worksheets for beginners 6 image

D’où venez-vous ?

More about you

French worksheets for beginners 7 image

Quel est votre métier ?

Talking about your job

French worksheets for beginners 8 image

‘-er’ verbs

A first look at verbs

French worksheets for beginners 9 image

Questions and answers

Talking about yourself

French worksheets for beginners revision image


Time for practice

French worksheets (post-beginner)

Download sample learning supports for French meetings, conference calls, making arrangements, socializing with colleagues, using the phone, emails, getting out and about in Paris, hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping in France. If you are a beginner, first go here.

French worksheets - with colleagues - image

French worksheets - at a hotel - image

French worksheets - travel - image

French worksheets - emails - image

French worksheets - at a bar - image

French worksheets - conference call - image

French worksheets - at a restaurant - image

French worksheets - shopping - image

Will the French buy British breakfasts?

Watch businessman Harry Bowles try to sell his brand of cuisine to a French catering company

Businessman in FranceCatering boss Harry Bowles travels to France in search of more business. His French is well prepared, but he has not got up to speed with French eating habits. However, the French company haven’t really done their homework either. What is Harry’s core business? And why is it a mismatch? Can you tell who in the French company is responsible for their poor research? What do you think happens next?

French TV and media

Watch and listen to the news in French

LCI TV image

itele tv news - image