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“Learning a language is not just a professional objective, it’s one of life’s adventures. I’ve been glad to have Lingua as a guide.”

John Bell, Senior Editor, Institute of Physics Publishing

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“I wrote a long letter because I did not have time to write a short one.”

Attributed to Mark Twain, Blaise Pascal and others

Language training from Lingua

Our corporate language-training began in 1987 in the English city of Bristol, originally under the name Multilingua. The merger with Lingua (UK) in the early 2000s extended the training provision to multinational businesses across the UK and in Europe.

Lingua’s expertise is in delivering bespoke training at the highest standard for managers on tight schedules. We provide a fully managed learning service for HR teams.

Each learner has a unique set of interests and needs. And each company has its own development culture and training procedures. Lingua specialises in tailoring courses to meet the needs of individuals and companies.

Lingua has supported the foundation of The Latin Qvarter to promote the learning and enjoyment of classical languages.

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