Learn to speak English

Business English class - imageOur one-to-one English courses help you to speak accurately and confidently, with good pronunciation and idiom, and to understand English spoken at natural pace.

With Lingua’s guidance you’ll flourish in meetings, presentations, conference calls, on social occasions, emails and all forms of conversation and discussion.

The training is prepared around your needs and schedule, with a choice of:

  • regular training sessions
  • residential courses
  • distance-learning

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Courses were of bright quality, teachers competent and friendly. I enjoyed my training. After two weeks in England I am able to take part in English meetings without difficulties.

Marcel Mortier

Project Manager, Sofrecom

Sample worksheets for business English

business presentation - image

These sample worksheets are for learners who already have a working knowledge of English and now want to progress beyond the basic rules to the many idioms and colloquial forms of speech used in business and day-to-day working life. The worksheets are intended to be used with the guidance of a teacher.

The preparation and delivery of courses have been of a high standard and we are very pleased with Lingua’s professionalism and care.

Caroline Papp

Human Resources Manager, Total

English films

These three short films from Lingua give insights into language and behaviour in the UK, including greeting each other, complaining, expressing positive and negative views. Scroll down for worksheets to follow up the themes.

Greeting people (and talking about the weather)

How the British (don’t) complain

Expressing agreement – and more negative views

To follow up some of the themes in these films, see sample Lingua worksheets