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at Gloucester Cathedral

Saturday 19th August 2017

This one-day course is for those with a little Latin to enjoy a day of stories from the ancient world. This course is primarily focused on the language, taking it step-by-step through the grammar and vocabulary.

There are several entertaining stories from the ancient world, including why young Virgil decided against a career in law, and what happened to Anna, Dido’s sister, after Aeneas left Africa.

And we’ll be looking at Latin words at the root of English ones.

The day is ideal for those who have attended George Sharpley's Latin for Beginners. Beginners can enrol if they complete an introductory assignment: details on request.


To book: print and complete the form


Enrolment form

A PDF of the course materials will be emailed a few days before the course. If you want a printed version, please indicate this in your enrolment form.


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Course Presenter:

George Sharpley is a teacher of Latin

and author of coursebooks

GDA Sharpley


Date:  Saturday 19th August 2017

Start/finish: 10.00am - 4.30pm

Course fee:  £45  (£40 concessionary rate)

The Venue: The Parliament Suite, Gloucester Cathedral

More about Gloucester Cathedral

Contact the course presenter:

tel: 01452 731113

What beginners have said about previous courses

"The teaching was superb."  .... "Actually hearing the language spoken seemed to bring it to life." .... "Thank you so much for a happy Latin day. It was so inspiring, and as well as the language, full of amazing history, biographies, fun and humour."  ....   "I had long been interested in the way Latin was used in the English language and in the root of words." ..... " I was a compete beginner. The course was exactly what I hoped for and needed."


Latin language classes, courses, readings, books and films