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English Worksheets


These worksheets are for learners who have already have a working knowledge of English and now want to progress beyond the basic rules to the many idioms and colloquial forms of speech used in business and day-to-day working life. The worksheets are devised to be used with the guidance of a teacher.


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  For meetings and presentations
  Expressing opinions
  Briefings and updates
  Facts and figures
  Schedules and appointments
  Anglo-Saxon thinking
  Business meetings: observations
  Language and behaviour: (not) saying what you mean
  Choosing a supplier
  Closing a meeting
  Dialogues and exercises for meetings
  For day-to-day and social use
  Social English: meeting new people and people you know
  Talking about yourself
  Expressing likes and dislikes
  Depending on your point of view ...
  Fluency and idiom
  An introduction to formal and colloquial English
  Idioms: practice exercises
  Formal and informal English
  Contracted words
  Origins of English
  English films

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